Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment

Tooth whitening

This a safe and pain free way to achieve whiter teeth and a dazzling smile. To ensure the greatest success, the staff at 4th Avenue dental will give you a dental evaluation prior to treatment. This will determine if your teeth are good candidates for dental whitening.

Teeth can become discoloured from tea, coffee, smoking and aging. These are considered extrinsic or superficial stains and respond well to treatment. However, teeth whitening treatments do not change the colour of existing fillings, crowns or veneers and is not recommended for patients with sensitive teeth or periodontal disease.

Laser teeth whitening offered in Kitsilano:

Laser teeth whitening is usually done in a single visit to a dental office. To begin, the dentist cleans the patient’s teeth and applies a tooth whitening gel. This gel contains a stronger bleaching agent compared to take-home teeth whitening kits. After the gel has been applied, the dentist uses a special laser light that helps the gel to penetrate through the teeth enamel. This procedure usually lasts about an hour and the results can be seen immediately.

Laser teeth whitening is very effective and provides faster and better results compared to other teeth whitening methods. Depending on the patient’s shade of teeth and their condition, laser teeth whitening can whiten up to 8 shades!

Take home teeth whitening kits:

The process for treatment involves impressions of upper and lower teeth to fabricate custom-fitted trays. The patient receives the trays, whitening materials and instructions for home use. This involves wearing the trays with treatment material once a day for 2 weeks. This home treatment method of tooth whitening is the most popular.

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