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Before there was Silver, there was Gold! Back in the 1950s Gold Fillings were very common Restorative material until the Industry discovered cheaper and a little less gorgeous Silver Amalgam material and everybody switched to Silver.

The Silver Fillings were also an excellent restorative material but with a life of their own and when the very initial Silver Fillings started to fail after a good working life of 35-40 years in the 1990s and the early 2000s we discovered that people who had had Gold Fillings done as well were still doing good and as it was Gold, still looking fabulous! We are proud to be one of the less than 250 practices across the world who still do these artful real 100% Gold 24 Carat Fillings or "Works of Art" as we like to refer to them.

Our practice is in fact home to the Walter F Sproule Gold Foil Study Club where Dentists from across BC bring their patients and under the able mentorship of Dr. David Thorburn who is one of the foremost and most respected Clinician/Gold Foil Operators in the World we all try to better ourselves and have fun doing Gold together. Please ask for Gold and we shall not disappoint you ..... afterall the Gold Standard is a term that came up for a reason!!!

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